Festivals in Fairfax County, VA: A Charitable Celebration

Festivals are a beloved tradition in Fairfax County, VA. From music and food to art and culture, these events bring the community together to celebrate and have fun. But beyond the entertainment and excitement, do any of these festivals support a charitable cause?

The Importance of Giving Back

As an expert in event planning and community engagement, I have seen firsthand the impact that festivals can have on a local charitable cause. In Fairfax County, there is a strong sense of community and a desire to give back to those in need.

This is why many festivals in the area have made it a priority to support a charitable cause. Not only does this provide much-needed support for organizations and individuals in need, but it also adds a deeper meaning to the festival experience for attendees. It allows them to not only enjoy the festivities but also feel good about contributing to a greater cause.

Festivals That Give Back

One of the most well-known festivals in Fairfax County is the ViVa! Vienna! festival. This annual event, held over Memorial Day weekend, is a celebration of the community's diversity and culture. But it also has a strong focus on giving back.

Each year, the festival partners with local charities and organizations to raise funds and awareness for their causes. In 2019, ViVa! Vienna! raised over $200,000 for local charities such as Homestretch, which provides housing and support services for homeless families, and Friends of Homeless Animals, which rescues and finds homes for abandoned animals. This is just one example of how festivals in Fairfax County are making a positive impact on their community. Another festival that has a charitable component is the Reston Multicultural Festival. This event celebrates the diversity of the community through music, dance, food, and art. But it also has a strong focus on giving back to those in need.

Each year, the festival partners with local organizations such as Cornerstones, which provides support for low-income individuals and families, and Reston Community Center's Access for All program, which provides financial assistance for individuals and families to participate in community programs. The Reston Multicultural Festival not only raises funds for these organizations but also provides a platform for them to share their mission and connect with the community. This creates a win-win situation where the festival attendees can enjoy the festivities while also learning about and supporting important causes.

Small Festivals, Big Impact

While ViVa! Vienna! and the Reston Multicultural Festival are two of the largest festivals in Fairfax County, there are many smaller events that also support charitable causes. For example, the Fall for Fairfax KidsFest, a family-friendly event that features rides, games, and entertainment, partners with local organizations such as SCAN of Northern Virginia, which works to prevent child abuse and neglect. The Fairfax County 4-H Fair and Carnival, an annual event that showcases the achievements of local 4-H members, also has a charitable component. Each year, they partner with organizations such as Food for Others, which provides food assistance to those in need, and Inova Blood Donor Services, which collects blood donations to save lives. These smaller festivals may not have the same level of publicity as larger events, but they are still making a significant impact on their community and supporting important causes.

How You Can Get Involved

Attending festivals in Fairfax County is not the only way to support a charitable cause.

Many of these events also offer volunteer opportunities for those who want to get more involved. Whether it's helping with event setup, selling raffle tickets, or promoting the cause, volunteers play a crucial role in the success of these festivals. Additionally, many festivals have donation options for those who may not be able to attend but still want to contribute. This could be through purchasing a virtual ticket or making a direct donation to the partnering organization.


Festivals in Fairfax County, VA are more than just a fun day out. They are also a way for the community to come together and support important causes.

From large-scale events like ViVa! Vienna! and the Reston Multicultural Festival to smaller events like Fall for Fairfax KidsFest and the Fairfax County 4-H Fair and Carnival, there are many opportunities to give back while enjoying all that these festivals have to offer. So next time you're looking for something fun to do in Fairfax County, consider attending one of these festivals and supporting a charitable cause. Not only will you have a great time, but you'll also be making a positive impact on your community.

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