Uncovering the Vibrant Outdoor Festivals in Fairfax County, VA

Fairfax County, located in the state of Virginia, is a bustling and diverse community that offers a plethora of activities for its residents and visitors. As an expert on the county's events and attractions, I can confidently say that one of the most exciting and popular events are the outdoor festivals that take place throughout the year. These festivals are a celebration of the county's rich culture, history, and traditions, and they attract people from all over the region.

The Charm of Fairfax County

Fairfax County is known for its charming small towns, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant communities. It is also home to some of the most significant historical sites in the United States, including George Washington's Mount Vernon and the Manassas National Battlefield Park.

The county is also a hub for arts and culture, with numerous museums, galleries, and theaters showcasing local talent. But what truly sets Fairfax County apart is its love for outdoor festivals. These events bring together people from different backgrounds to celebrate and enjoy the county's unique offerings. From food and music to art and history, there is something for everyone at these festivals.

The Annual Fall Festival

One of the most highly anticipated events in Fairfax County is the Annual Fall Festival. Held every year in October at the historic Sully Historic Site, this festival celebrates the county's agricultural heritage.

Visitors can enjoy live music, hayrides, pumpkin painting, and other fun activities while learning about farming practices from the 18th century. The festival also features a variety of food vendors serving up delicious local fare, including apple cider donuts and BBQ. And for those looking to take home a piece of Fairfax County, there are plenty of arts and crafts vendors selling handmade goods.

The Celebrate Fairfax! Festival

Another popular festival in Fairfax County is the Celebrate Fairfax! Festival, which takes place every June at the Fairfax County Government Center. This three-day event is a celebration of the county's diversity and features live music, carnival rides, and a variety of food and craft vendors. One of the highlights of this festival is the International Village, where visitors can experience different cultures through food, music, and dance. There is also a Kid's Zone with interactive activities and games for children of all ages.

The Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival

For art lovers, the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Festival is a must-visit event in Fairfax County.

Held every May at the Reston Town Center, this festival showcases the work of over 200 artists from around the country. Visitors can browse and purchase paintings, sculptures, jewelry, and other unique pieces while enjoying live music and delicious food from local vendors. The festival also features interactive art activities for children, making it a perfect family-friendly event. And for those looking to learn more about art, there are artist demonstrations and workshops throughout the weekend.

The Annual Chocolate Lovers Festival

If you have a sweet tooth, then the Annual Chocolate Lovers Festival in Fairfax County is a must-attend event. Held every February in Old Town Fairfax, this festival celebrates all things chocolate with tastings, demonstrations, and even a chocolate challenge where participants can create their own chocolate masterpieces. In addition to indulging in delicious treats, visitors can also enjoy live music, craft vendors, and a variety of activities for children.

And for those looking for a unique Valentine's Day experience, there is even a Chocolate Lovers Ball held on the first night of the festival.

The Fall Wine Festival & Sunset Tour

For wine enthusiasts, the Fall Wine Festival & Sunset Tour at Mount Vernon is a must-visit event in Fairfax County. Held every October, this festival offers visitors the opportunity to sample wines from some of Virginia's best wineries while enjoying live music and stunning views of the Potomac River. In addition to wine tastings, there are also tours of George Washington's estate and gardens, as well as food vendors serving up delicious bites to pair with your wine. And for those looking for a unique experience, there is even a VIP package that includes a private tour of the mansion and a special wine tasting.


Fairfax County, VA, is a vibrant and diverse community that offers a wide range of outdoor festivals throughout the year. From celebrating the county's agricultural heritage to showcasing local art and culture, these festivals are a reflection of the county's rich history and traditions.

So whether you're a resident or just visiting, be sure to check out these exciting events and experience the charm of Fairfax County for yourself.

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