Overdid It

I love to cook and eat. You can’t call basic sustenance a hobby, but I do feel that following food trends and researching the newest eateries in Vienna is a kind of pastime. It is not a huge town, but there are places not to be missed. America is now a nation of foodies and it extends to every nook and cranny of our vast country. Even a small town in Virginia can attract top chefs. My kids are the beneficiaries of my knowledge because I love to drag them along and teach them about ethnic cuisine. These days it is all about spices, novel concoctions, creativity in preparation, and artistic presentation. Bland food is out and chili peppers are in. If you don’t know a jalapeno from a Fresno, you are in trouble.

I never regret living in a small town, implying that I must be missing out on worldly and cultural things. We have traveling theater and artists/musicians, and the food here is sublime, so it is a false assumption. Food is innovative, boundary-breaking, and tasty to the max. We have everything from Ethiopian, Thai, and Danish to Polish and South African. I can rattle off a few key dishes of each type. The plethora of offerings is because people expect good food these days when they go out. If they could make the same things at home, then they would. They want their palettes to be titillated by the cuisine of the world in local restaurants. No matter that most people are average citizens. They have developed a taste for foreign fare. You could say that the world is becoming more cosmopolitan and small towns like Vienna are hooked into the outer sphere.

Given the availability of good food, you probably are thinking that I do not cook for my family. You would be wrong. I love to do it and collect unusual and challenging recipes all the time. I am glued to the food network when I am not busy. Recently, I did a huge shopping and had to carry out four or five loaded bags of groceries. It was not food for a month as it appeared. I wanted to stock my pantry, but also offer a few upcoming dinners of note. Each one would require a vast number of ingredients. My kids helped me unload the bags and placed fresh produce and canned goods on the kitchen counter. I had to rush off and lie down. I had strained my back. This happens now and then such that my husband gave me a back massager like this one for Christmas last year. I dropped everything, taking time from a busy afternoon, to find it stowed in the front guest closet. I couldn’t wait to plug it in and find out if it is still in working order.

After a long session with the massager, I felt better and more able to arise and start cooking. I didn’t want to disappoint the family because of a tight back. I had enough relief to finish the job in style. It looked beautiful and inviting on the table.