A Surprise for My Husband

When my husband fixed up the basement as a “man cave,” he was just ecstatic. Now he had a place all to himself with no one to bother him about errands and chores. Ha! What men will do to watch ball games on TV or…

My mate is a good guy so I am happy to indulge his whims, whatever they are. Apparently they can be shared since he often invites his friends over for a beer and a bowl of nuts. I think ball games and beer are the American pastime; they certainly are in Vienna, Virginia. We are a microcosm of the entire country—a small town with a big beer appetite. Just watch those great super bowl ads and you will understand the passion. Companies spend millions to feed the desire for more brew. The consumption of this wonderful beverage is amazing. It is a billion dollar business. My husband contributes his fair share along with his football buddies. If you don’t drink beer, apparently you can’t watch the games. Ha! Forget the wine, lemonade or soft drinks—pansy stuff.

When it came time to get him a special gift for being my soulmate, I selected a mini beer fridge from Crack a Cold One, of course.  I didn’t have to wrack my brain. He didn’t need another electric tool or appliance. He doesn’t wear ties that often and his hobbies are limited. Men don’t go for decorative items or jewelry other than a watch. In any case, I have already gotten him the things he wants the most over the years. The new plasma TV was tops on his list. After that, it became simple. I watched him climb the stairs time after time in the middle of an engrossing game just to get another beer. He needed to have a fridge in the man cave so he wouldn’t miss a single play. It was going to be a surprise. When it arrived and was ready for installation, he beamed like a kid. Although he had wanted one for some time, he thought he would have to make the effort. I did it for him and he was ever so grateful. I enjoying gift giving when I get such a good reaction.

While a mini fridge sounds small, it can hold quite a bit—at least enough for a couple of days or more. He isn’t a pot-bellied fanatic. He loves his favorite brands but he is happy with two or three at best during the course of an afternoon. I think he gets so enwrapped in the game that he forgets to take another sip.  Sooner or later, his attention is awakened. I love watching him enjoy the beer with pretzels or chips when I dare to descend into his private realm. While I enjoy beer as much as anyone, I don’t stop for long. When it comes to the sacred man cave, I have nothing but respect!