Great Restaurants in Vienna, Virginia

Vienna might not be the biggest city in the world but we do have our fair share of places to eat. While there are plenty of theme/chain restaurants in Vienna and the surrounding area, we are often looking for something more. The husband and I go out as often as we can, which isn’t that much considering we have three kids. There are only so many places that we haven’t been banned from (I’m just kidding, but only barely). Sometimes we just want to go somewhere that macaroni and cheese isn’t on the menu, you know?

I’ll give you two places we like to go on date nights and then one all five of us can agree on. I’ll even tell you why.

When you walk into Clarity, you might be surprised. The décor is nice and the restaurant looks very open and fresh. But there isn’t a lot of frills, nothing that makes it stand out. You may think that the food is the same way. You would definitely be mistaken. This restaurant is most certainly a restaurant for people. There’s a Chef’s Table and cooking classes. You can reserve the private room, send the chef a list of wines you want to serve and he will tailor a tasting menu to complement it. The food is incredible and Clarity is always willing to adjust their offerings to accommodate for allergies or dietary preferences. It truly is a special place that the Husband and I love to go to. We’re lucky it’s right here in Vienna and we don’t have to go into DC in order to eat at such a great place!

Another place we like to go without the kids is Sushi Yoshi. It’s small, so reservations are pretty much the only way you’re going to be able to eat there. That makes it harder to stop in than I’d like, because I do enjoy sushi. But the food is worth it – very fresh and creative, tasty and served in a nice atmosphere. Especially in the summer, where it is a great place to eat outside and just enjoy the light and tasty food. Try the two person sushi platter, it’s a good mix!

But I think if you asked us, collectively, what our favorite local place is—we would say Church Street Pizza. My kids could eat pizza every single day I’m sure. Try this place and you’ll see why. I’ve had New York pizza and this place does come pretty close, way better than any chain pizzeria in town. Fresh cheese, perfect crust, great salads, and it’s all at a reasonable price. I think my youngest knows their number by heart. It is often our go-to on busy weeknights during the school year when there’s so much going on.

So there you have it. My three go-to places. Try them all and you’ll get a quality Taste of Vienna!