Starting my Victory Lap Now

Feeding a family of five can be challenging. No two people like the same meal. I often feel like I am constantly making the same few things over and over. The kids don’t seem especially bothered by this, but I sure am!

Now, the kids like to eat at The Virginian Restaurant, a diner here in Vienna. The kids like it because they can eat breakfast at any time of day and the Husband and I don’t usually mind eating there, either.

However, today I had been in yoga pants all day and have barely brushed my hair. There was no way that we were going to go out for dinner. The Virginian was out. However, after poking around in the fridge a little, I had another idea: I can certainly make breakfast-as-dinner for the family! Their favorite part of eating at The Virginian without actually having to put on real pants and go for dinner.

I broke out our panini maker, which as it turns out, has interchangeable plates so that I can make waffles. I made the batter, and cut up some fruit as toppings. I scrambled some eggs and made some bacon, too. The kids were spread out all over the house, doing homework and watching TV or playing with toys. The bacon cooking on the stove acted like a siren song and one by one, they came in to look over my shoulder and see what I was doing. They were absolutely delighted to find out about breakfast-as-dinner.

Now, some of you may be able to have breakfast at dinner time all the time. Maybe it isn’t a novelty to you. But I am one of those firm believers in a full dinner, consisting of a protein, a vegetable, and some kind of starch. For breakfast, on the other hand, I am a lot more lenient as long as the kids eat something and they drink some orange juice. So while this may be a normal thing at your house, at my house, the kids thought I had lost my mind.

The Husband even seemed surprised. When he walked in the house after work, he made a big show of checking his watch and asking if he had his am and pm mixed up. It’s a good thing that I think he’s adorable, because his sense of humor doesn’t win him a lot of points!

Anyway, everyone ate dinner without complaining, without 15 million distractions, and there were no leftovers. Nobody was whining and asking me, “how much do I have to eat?” and all the other things they do to let me know that they are unhappy with whatever food it has taken me forever to plan, prep, and prepare for them.

So that was my big revelation, folks. I couldn’t think of anything else to serve for dinner, so I just served them breakfast instead. I think maybe I have been trying too hard lately and this just proved that thinking outside the box works (at least some of the time).

I think I will take more inspiration from other places we eat and see how that goes. Wish me luck!